Backrest Mechanism Biaode SHB2057F Highly Stable No Looseness For Sofa

Backrest moving hinge/SHB2057F
1.For repositioning the armrests and backrest of the sofa.
2.Capable of withstanding a 200 kilogram force.
3.Smoother and quieter backrest.
4.Backrest stays in the same horizontal position after moving.
5.Automatic return

Technical Innovation

The backrest mobile hinge is a product that our firm has patented. Its design takes into account how the human body functions mechanically. Referring to the specifics of several goods, iterative updates show that the combination of iron and plastic provides two benefits: the material is durable, stable, and prevents swaying, and high steel is chosen to absorb and eliminate noise. Both the armrest and backrest of a sofa can be used with the product. simple to install.

Excellent Quality

The primary material is iron, and the procedure involves welding and splicing. You may push it forward and backward; the front push state primarily serves as a backrest for a sofa, and the back push condition allows you to recline on the sofa. The metal elements are fused to one another to endure high weight, the edges are clean and flat, and the installation screws are welded more firmly under high heat. Support plate and support iron frame are coated with a fine electro-chromium layer using a pressure-open, environmentally friendly electroplating process that has good fluidity, can withstand corrosion, is not easily damaged or worn down,and oxidize or fade resistant. Thickened rivets function more smoothly and are made of delicate material with high durability.

Cost Saving

As a manufacturer manufacturer, we can offer you the lowest price and the best quality products, we have more than 20 years of rich experience in production and are still innovating and developing our product line. By working with us, you can save your production cost, time cost of selecting products, and excellent after-sales service.

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