Backrest Mechanism Biaode SHB2058B Noiseless Plastic Parts For Sofa Backrest Moving Hinge

1.For moving the sofa backrest and armrests back and forth.
2.Can sustain a 200 kg force.
3.Noiseless and smoother.
4.After moving, the backrest maintains its horizontal position.
5.Automatic return

Technical Innovation

Our company has a patent on a product called the backrest mobile hinge. Its design considers the mechanical operation of the human body. Iterative updates demonstrate, with reference to the details of various products, that the use of iron and plastic has two advantages: the material is strong, stable, and prevents swaying, and high steel is chosen to absorb and eliminate noise. The product can be used with a sofa's armrest and backrest. easy to install.

Excellent Quality

The primary material is iron, and the procedure involves welding and splicing. You may push it forward and backward; the front push state primarily serves as a backrest for a sofa, and the back push condition allows you to recline on the sofa. The fusion of metal raw materials with each other can withstand greater weight,ensure clean and flat edges during the production process, and welding stronger.Fine electro-chromium plating process, environmentally friendly electroplating good fluidity, can resist corrosion, is not easily worn, is not easily oxidized, and does not fade. Thickened material delicate, with high durability, thickened rivets, activities more smoothly.


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Cost Saving

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