.Backrest Mechanism Biaode SHB2057B Adjustable Front And Back For Sofas

Backrest hinge / SHB2057B
1.For moving the sofa backrest and armrests back and forth.
2.Can withstand a force of 200 kg.
3.Noiseless and smoother backrest.
4. Backrest stays in the same horizontal position after moving.
5.Automatic return.

It is designed in accordance with the mechanics of the human body.
The main material is iron, the colour is silver and black, the process is welding splicing can be pushed back and forth, the front push state is mainly used as the backrest function of the sofa to sit, the back push state can lie on the sofa, is the best choice for dual use.
The edges are neat and flat, the installation screws are more securely welded at high temperatures and the metal parts are fused to each other to withstand high weights. Reference is also made to the details of the product, which has been iteratively updated to be a combination of iron and plastic to achieve two advantages, the material is resistant to wear and tear, stable to prevent swaying and selected high steel to cushion and eliminate noise.
Support plate and support iron frame using press open, fine electroplating chrome plating process, environmentally friendly electroplating good fluidity, can resist corrosion not easy to wear not easy to oxidation not fade, thickened material exquisite, with high durability, thickened rivets, activities more smoothly, the product is suitable for sofa backrest, also suitable for sofa armrest.
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