Office Chair Mechanism Biaode SHD8002 Adjustable Lifting and Locking with Business Office Chair

Liftable office mechanized black plastic fittings, This product is robust, quiet, stable and durable

Premium Product Quality

Professional and exclusive formula is used to make the black plastic office chair lift accessories, which is more durable and applicable for a longer period of time.This product adopts a modern design with a simple and generous appearance, a strong and durable structure, and a stable structure to give you a sense of comfort and security.

Product Features

This product is the company's self-developed patented products, product name for the office chair mechanism / SHD8002. this mechanism is applicable to the air pressure lifting system, and this product for synchronous tilt chassis, joystick B for seat height adjustment, so that the chassis free lift; joystick A can control the chassis lock function (with 5 locking state)Plastic material production products to achieve a more silent effect.Also has the advantages of anti-oxidation, anti-scratch, wear-resistant,waterproof and easy to clean.

Universal Size

This product is suitable for most chairs on the market (home chair, game chair, office chair, executive chair, teacher's chair, dentist's chair). Adjustable angle of 15° Support installation size length of 195 cm width of 195 cm.

Saves You Money

We are a manufacturer and we will provide you with the most affordable price that can save you money.We can create greater profit margins for you.We understand the importance of building long-term relationships, so we have a professional QC team to test product quality and save your time cost.

Support Customization

We have a team of professional designers who are able to provide product customization services. With our vast experience working with diverse clientele, we are confident in delivering customized solutions that meet any of our client’s objectives effectively and efficiently. Welcome your inquiry!

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