SH’s new equipment was put into production, with production capacity increased by 30% to meet customer demand

Foshan Nanhai Shenhui Hardware Plastic Furniture Co., Ltd. recently announced that under the TFF plan, the company will introduce a series of advanced production equipment and plans to put it into use in the near future.The commissioning of these new equipment will increase comprehensive production capacity by 30% to better meet the growing needs of customers.

First of all, it is reported that the second powder spraying line is scheduled to start production in mid-October. This powder spraying line is developed using the latest technology and equipment to improve the efficiency and quality of the powder spraying process. This move will help speed up the production process, shorten delivery times, and better meet customer requirements.


At the same time, the fourth die-cast iron foot production line will also be put into operation in the near future. This new production line will realize automated control and optimization of the die-cast iron foot manufacturing process. Through a sophisticated control system, the production line can improve product consistency and stability and provide customers with better quality furniture products.


In addition, Shenhui Company also announced plans to put into production its fifth aluminum alloy 900-ton die-casting machine at the end of October. This modern equipment will bring the company higher production efficiency and greater die-casting capacity to meet growing market demand. This will enable Shenhui Company to continue to maintain competitiveness in the field of aluminum alloy products and further expand its market share. This investment in new production equipment will bring significant comprehensive production capacity improvement to Shenhui Company.


The company hopes to use these measures to more comprehensively meet customer needs and provide high-quality hardware and plastic furniture products.

The general manager of Shenhui Hardware Plastic Furniture Co., Ltd. said: "We are committed to continuously improving production technology and manufacturing processes to meet the changing needs of customers. The introduction of new equipment this time will allow us to better respond to market challenges and improve our competitiveness and product quality.”

Shenhui Company has always taken customer satisfaction as its primary goal. They believe that through the commissioning of these new equipment, they will be able to better meet customer needs, speed up delivery, and provide high-quality furniture products.

Facing the continuous escalation of market competition, Shenhui Hardware Plastic Furniture Co., Ltd. will continue to uphold the spirit of innovation and efficient operations, strive to develop more high-quality products, further strengthen cooperation with customers, and jointly promote the development of the industry.