Customization Era, Furniture Hardware Industry Ushered in a New Opportunity!

In the context of the era of consumer upgrading, customisation has been prevalent in the furniture industry for many years and has become an important path for many companies to advance in their development. Synchronization, more and more personalized custom furniture, for the furniture hardware industry also brings new opportunities. "I am optimistic about the market in Foshan, where it is closer to the market, where it is also closer to the resources of science and technology innovation." Talking about the reasons for landing in Foshan, Shen Xiong, chairman of Shen Hui Hardware, who has been deeply involved in the furniture hardware industry for many years, said.

"Every new furniture design needs hardware to provide support. This will bring new opportunities for the hardware industry. At the same time, it also puts forward higher and higher requirements." Shen Xiong said that behind this is a test of design, technology, materials, engineering and other furniture hardware.

It is reported that Shen Hui Hardware is a national high-tech enterprise, the annual amount of R & D fixed investment are accounted for more than 40% of the company's profits, with more than 100 senior technical experts of various types, access to 167 national patents authorized, the annual R & D launched 2-3 leading the industry's new products, in-depth impact and promote the innovative development of the industry.

"With the booming development of the industry, hardware products will become more and more diversified, functional and lifelike. This will bring new development opportunities and innovation opportunities to furniture hardware."