Headrest lifter Biaode SHA2014 Size height can be customized with Upholstered headrests Headrest lifter/SHA2014

This item, which is a part of the hardware line, is made up of three parts: a nut cover, a plastic cover, and a gear iron support. It frequently acts as a headrest for couches and chairs and is a component that supports headrests. There are 5 gears adjustment settings.


This product is a patented product developed by our company, the product name is Headrest Lifter/SHA2014.
We use premium raw materials to produce goods of outstanding quality that are robust and resistant to wear. This product's primary component is iron, which also gives it its silver-white color, simplistic design, and great quality. After surface treatment, the surface is smooth and difficult to rust.
This is a blend of welded and spliced products. As a result, we can accommodate this product's customization needs. We have a team of qualified engineers and skilled designers, and we have a wealth of experience working with various customers over a long period of time. As a result, we are confident that we can meet various customization needs.
The item serves as a sofa headrest; it is a component of a sofa headrest that lifts smoothly, has a gear to regulate the headrest's height, and can provide you with a pleasant experience due to its comfort and good looks.
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