Headrest Lifter Biaode SH1014 Can be matched with corner code of functional sleeves with Sofa headrest Headrest lifter/SH1014

The three components of this product, a nut cover, a plastic sleeve, and a gear iron support, are part of the hardware series. It functions as a headrest support product and acts on the headrest of sofas and seats. It has multiple adjustment settings. It is a useful hardware accoutrement.


Headrest Lifter/SH1014 is the name of a patented product that was created by our firm.
The nut cover link is made of iron, has an elegant and fashionable appearance, is made of a superior material for durability, and is a good color with a smooth surface and a good texture that resists rusting. Beautiful aesthetic and decorative effect, humanized design.
The plastic sleeve is made of custom plastic material, the plastic is Shenhui own research and development ingredients, durable, eliminate the noise, lift smoothly. Its color is silver white, it combines welding and splicing, it functions as the couch headrest's internal component, there is a gear to adjust the headrest's height, and its comfort and attractiveness may make your experience pleasant.
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