Civilian furniture accessories laser cutting metal legs Biaode SHB3015 Automatic mechanical welding for sofa Metal sofa legs/SHB3015 (H: 7.2 inch)

Description:Utilizing cutting-edge laser technology, computerized monitoring, precision cutting, and non-welding mark treatment, the product line is finer and more aesthetically pleasing.Advanced designYour sofa chair will seem fresh and fashionable with the addition of modern style glossy gold metal furniture legs. Changing the style or height of your sofa is simple.

Product details

This product is a patented product independently developed by the company, and the product name is Laser cutting metal legs/SHB3015. Product Dimensions:25.3‘’/645mm* 2.3"/60mm * 7.2"/185mm (L*W*H), Weight Capacity is 300 lbs/ 156 kg per leg.
Our metal Furniture legs perfect for the sofa, and the cabinet, table, couch, chairs, bed, TV stand, love seats, bed, desk, ottomans, cupboards, dresser, shelves, bookcase, or other home DIY furniture.



This product is generally black, the main material is iron, and the process is laser cutting. It is the sofa, the supporting feet of the bed. The appearance is atmospheric and simple, and the emerging materials are the best choice.We prioritize client happiness and offer a service of prompt reply within 24 hours. Contact us at any moment if you need help with our couch legs.
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