Plastic sofa legs PLASTIC WORLD SH1214 silent environmental for sofa Plastic legs/SH1214-1 (2 inch)

Compared to traditional wooden sofa legs, plastic sofa legs are more portable and more affordable, a new environmentally friendly concept. A multi-seat, upholstered piece of software furniture with armrests on both sides is known as a couch. It was first popularized in Western nations before being brought to Asia as a centerpiece of Western interior design. The sofa feet at the bottom of the sofa provide support for the seat and simply prevent damage to the bottom of the sofa from moisture on the floor. Existing sofa feet generally consist of a foot cushion and a base plate, between which the fixing is achieved by welding, which is not only difficult to work with. And when part of the sofa foot is damaged, the whole sofa foot must be removed and replaced, the manufacturing cost is high, part of the sofa foot is connected to the sofa through the thread Some sofa feet are connected to the sofa seat through the thread, this will cause the height of the sofa foot is not consistent, resulting in sofa tilt. The plastic sofa feet can balance this tilt and greatly increase the solidity of the sofa feet and also reduce the cost of sofa production, making it a new world for sofa feet.

Product details

This product is a patented product developed by our company
This product is black in colour and has a flat cylindrical appearance without screws. It is an emerging plastic sofa foot, made of thickened PP/recyclable PP plastic material, resistant to heavy pressure, tough, firm and oxidation resistant. Quiet, wear-resistant, non-slip and does not hurt the floor when moving. Unbreakable and difficult to deform, with an appropriate steel distribution for supporting cabinets, coffee tables, and sofas. The product is cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and the greatest option for stylish sofas. To ensure your satisfaction with the product, this line of plastic sofa feet also includes long cylindrical sofa feet, seven-shaped rubber feet, rectangular plastic sofa feet, and cubic plastic sofa feet. Plastic sofa feet can also be customized to meet your needs; simply provide drawings and we'll open a plastic mold for customized mass production.The business has a consistent sales volume in the home furnishings sector and has been manufacturing and selling for many years. Since there are no intermediaries to eat into the price of the goods, you can be sure to make the biggest profit and welcome enthusiastic buyers.The company's environment is based on the corporate culture of "honesty, pragmatism, excellence and innovation" and is committed to "quality first".