Plastic sofa legs PLASTIC WORLD SH1213 L-shaped square leg for sofa Plastic legs/SH1213 (1 inch)

Plastic couch legs are a new environmentally friendly idea that are more inexpensive and portable than conventional wooden sofa legs. It is a brand-new design for a plastic sofa foot constructed of thicker, recyclable PP plastic that can withstand high pressure and oxidation.It is smooth, durable, non-slip, and moves without damaging the floor. It is unbreakable and challenging to distort with a suitable steel distribution for supporting cabinets, coffee tables, and sofas.The feet at the bottom of the sofa support the seat and serve only to prevent damage to the sofa's bottom from dampness from the floor. Usually, the feet of used sofas are welded together, which is not only difficult to execute. They consist of a foot cushion and a base plate.The sofa will tilt as a result, and the sofa foot will be at different heights.The plastic couch feet may correct this tilt, significantly boost their durability, and lower the cost of producing sofas, opening up a whole new universe for sofa feet.

Product details

This product is a patented product developed by our company
This product is black in colour and L-shaped body.It is a newly developed plastic couch foot that resists oxidation, is durable, firm, and composed of thicker PP/recyclable PP plastic material. Quiet, wear-resistant, non-slip and does not hurt the floor when moving. Unbreakable and not easily deformed has reasonable steel distribution for supporting sofas and supporting cabinets and coffee tables. The product is the best alternative for trendy sofas because it is affordable, both economical and environmentally friendly. This collection of plastic sofa feet also includes large cylindrical couch feet in addition to short cylindrical couch feet,seven-shaped rubber feet, rectangular plastic sofa feet, and cubic plastic sofa feet. Plastic sofa feet can also be customized to meet your needs; To start a plastic mold for specialized mass production, just supply designs. The business has a consistent sales volume in the home furnishings sector and has been manufacturing and selling for many years. You may be guaranteed to make the maximum profit and welcome fervent customers because there are no middlemen to deduct from the price of the goods. The corporate culture of "honesty, pragmatism, excellence, and innovation" is the foundation of the company's environment, which is dedicated to putting "quality first."