Plastic sofa legs PLASTIC WORLD SH1202 silent environmental for sofa Plastic legs/SH1202 (2.5 inch)

Compared to traditional wooden sofa legs, plastic sofa legs are more affordable, a new environmentally friendly concept. The sofa's feet at the bottom support the seat and only guard against moisture from the floor harming the sofa's bottom.Existing couch feet typically consist of a base plate and a foot cushion, and they are fixed together by welding, which is not only challenging to do.

Product details

This product is a patented product developed by our company
This product is black in colour and No screws required; rectangular trapezoid with internal reinforcing roots that can be used to secure the sofa's base with screws.It is an emerging plastic sofa foot, made of thickened PP/recyclable PP plastic material, resistant to heavy pressure, tough, firm and oxidation resistant. Quiet, wear-resistant, non-slip and does not hurt the floor when moving. Unbreakable and not easily deformed has reasonable steel distribution for supporting sofas and supporting cabinets and coffee tables. The product is environmentally friendly, economical and is the best choice for fashionable sofas. This series of plastic sofa feet products are also, long cylindrical sofa feet, seven-shaped rubber feet, rectangular plastic sofa feet, cubic plastic sofa feet, there are plastic sofa feet can also be customized according to your needs, provide drawings, according to the drawings you provide can open plastic mould for special mass production, to ensure your satisfaction with the product. The company has been producing and selling for many years and has a stable sales volume in the home furniture market. The products are sold directly without middlemen hollowing out the price, which can guarantee you the maximum profit, and encourage fervent buying. The corporate culture of "honesty, pragmatism, excellence, and innovation" is the foundation of the company's environment, which is dedicated to putting "quality first."

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