The First Private Manufacturing “Zero Carbon Enterprise” in the Greater Bay Area – Shenhui Hardware

Ltd. has joined hands with Nanhai Agricultural and Commercial Bank to embrace carbon neutrality and forge a new business card of "zero carbon enterprise". on 20 September 2022, Shenhui Hardware was awarded the "Carbon Neutral Certificate" by Guangzhou Carbon Emission Trading Centre.

As a runner in the high quality development of Foshan manufacturing industry, Shenhui Hardware has been focusing on the concept of green development, grasping the greenness of the furniture fittings industry and striving to be the industry benchmark in practicing green and low-carbon. Based on the "green energy + digital workshop" model, Shenhui Hardware is the first to implement the double carbon target and grasp the new opportunity of zero carbon, becoming the first private manufacturing "zero carbon enterprise" in the Greater Bay Area, which will provide new ideas and methods for the clean, intelligent and green pan-home industry. New ideas and new methods. The intelligent mode of operation of the digital workshop has changed the traditional mode of manual operation and improved the production efficiency of the enterprise.

Shenhui Hardware will write a chapter of green zero carbon enterprise construction in the new era, create a green zero carbon future and contribute to the realization of the national "double carbon" strategic goal.