Newly launched one-piece moulded office chair with iron base

The furniture industry is changing day by day, constantly innovating and moving forward in order to gain a foothold in the market, similarly Shenhui Hardware’s enduring and continuous development cannot be separated from independent research and development, the ability to create new products.
In the workshop of Shenhui punching machine, a novel, more environmentally friendly, more cost-effective new product is being developed – a one-piece iron foot for office chairs. The first shot at a new market.
This is a new attempt of office furniture accessories products, and ordinary office iron feet are different, ordinary office iron feet and no integrated molding process, need manual or machine welding assembly, which greatly affects the aesthetic appearance, reduce the level of the product, means that not into the high-end customer market, the loss of many quality customers; and, the production of manual at the same time also brings a lot of costs. This is a great blow to the iron feet in the office chair feet in the market position, it seems that the aluminum alloy integrated molding will be more appropriate and more aesthetic, but also more acceptable to customers. So as an enterprise sustainable development both to open up the office chair iron foot market but also to maintain the iron foot low cost but more high-end products we Shen Hui R & D department is striving for excellence in research and development of a better quality iron foot, hope to be able to put a more aesthetic, more cost-effective iron foot into the market in the near future.4a77b074d34478db2a6f2ae15da1f47

The research and development process is as long as the night, through many challenges, the size of the mould measurement, testing, machine input and design, polishing process challenges and so on are all difficult. After countless days and nights of sleep, we finally created an automatic digital production line, and once the iron foot was launched it was already a quality product in the industry. The surface of the product is smooth and shiny, the appearance is comparable to aluminium, flawless, can reach the point of faking, you need to impose instructions to realise that the office chair feet are iron one-piece molding. This iron foot is not the other iron foot, BIFMA test can pass the rest, can meet the European and American standards of lead, and is the metal of zero radioactivity. Perhaps now some people will ask, so heavy metal iron chair feet, its edge will scratch the foot. In response to this question, we are also seriously faced with the implementation of the edge is not sharp at the same time, and the caster mounting holes can be removed and installed freely at your choice. Overall, all aspects of the iron feet do not lose the traditional aluminum chair feet, compared to the same material iron feet, beautiful, atmospheric, but also more high-quality. I believe that in the near future, in the field of office chairs, the extent to which the one-piece office chair iron feet will be more and more widely available.0426d1e80cb255aed850a34042374bf

Although the new office chair iron foot is high-quality, but facing the biggest challenge to it or the market tolerance. We can not predict the market whether it is suitable, we Shen Hui will also put the quality control to the extreme, so that customers make the office chair feet more satisfied with the next level.