How Will Shenhui Respond to the Fact That Online Sales of Function Sofas Are Gradually Becoming a New Battleground for Major Brands to Compete?

With the development of society, the living room as a family sharing, leisure and entertainment functions continue to enhance, the function of meeting guests is weakened. Accordingly, people's comfort, functionality and convenience requirements for living room sofas are constantly able to improve, providing a broad market space for the development of the intelligent electric sofa industry. At present, China's function sofa market is still in a low penetration, high growth dividend period. Data show that in 2020, China's functional sofa market penetration rate of only 15.9%, compared to the United States market penetration rate of about 48% is still a large gap, the development potential is huge.

Shenhui Hardware has been developing and producing various functional sofa accessories since 2009, including lifting, folding, storage and other functional hardware accessories to meet the market demand for functional sofas. We adopt the patent technology of independent research and development to produce the hardware accessories with reliable quality and affordable price. We have large punching machine, aluminum alloy die-casting machine, laser cutting machine, automatic robot arm welding, dust-free powder spraying line and other professional production equipment. Shenhui Hardware plans to add a digital workshop and a smart 4.0 platform in 2023 to build an intelligent production workshop.

Shen Hui Hardware hopes to create a new mode of online sales, which is a combination of online and offline sales, and to create good results together with our partner manufacturers.