Furniture Hardware from Made in China to Created in China

With the development and progress of China’s industrial technology, China’s domestic industrial manufacturing technology has developed rapidly. The manufacturing of furniture has also developed into a large-scale manufacturing enterprise based on mechanized mass production, with the original traditional family-style manual workshops. Furniture and furniture hardware stamping parts are developing towards scale and branding. At the same time, the market also has higher requirements for the universality, interchangeability, functionality and decoration of furniture hardware accessories. Although there has been a rare upsurge in the housing market recently, the expectation of a sharp recovery in the short term is still slim for the uncertain housing market. The furniture industry, which is closely related to the real estate industry, including the furniture hardware stamping parts industry, is trying to explore a new development direction and is facing new market challenges.

Challenge 1: household enterprises should actively seize market opportunities
In the normal state of the housing market downturn, consumers become more picky and demand more and more products and services. Enterprises that do not want to be out of the market will naturally win the market by improving services, creating channels and reducing costs, because the household industry will be upgraded through this round of changes, and those that do not do well will be eliminated. Even big brands that don’t worry about survival have to comply with market requirements

Challenge 2: Furniture and hardware enterprises need to improve their competitiveness in the high-end transformation
With the development and progress of China’s industrial technology, furniture manufacturing has developed from the previous manual workshop to the current mechanized mass production. Hardware accessories have higher requirements for versatility, interchangeability, functionality and decoration. With the diversification of the base material, the reform of the structure and the increase of the use function, the function of furniture hardware in the furniture is no longer just the connection of decoration and some moving parts, its functionality is becoming stronger and stronger, and the field involved is also becoming wider and wider. To create value-added products and services, furniture and hardware enterprises need to improve production efficiency, reduce costs, improve product quality and enhance competitiveness in domestic and foreign markets.

Challenge 3: furniture drug control lies in environmental protection
The problem of environmental protection has been well known in the furniture industry, but it is very difficult to really do it well. The formaldehyde event is staged in people’s lives one by one. Therefore, furniture also needs to be banned from drugs. If we can really achieve energy conservation and environmental protection, the furniture industry will rise under the background of this big era, and become a veritable big industry combining with the actual situation of the furniture industry, if we can adapt to the times and catch the fast train of energy conservation and environmental protection policies, It will also be a huge promoter for the furniture and related furniture hardware industry. It is also self-evident that the significance of energy conservation and environmental protection for the long-term and healthy development of the industry.

Challenge 4: The upgrading of hardware industrial structure becomes an inevitable trend
Most of China’s furniture and hardware enterprises are small and medium-sized enterprises. At present, the industry is scattered, and there are few real big brands and large enterprises. The industry has great potential for development. Therefore, China’s furniture and hardware industry cluster will have a rapid development in the future, and will develop towards a more professional, market-oriented and more international direction. The upgrading of industrial structure has become an inevitable trend in the development of furniture hardware. If furniture hardware enterprises want to occupy a place in the future market, they can only continuously optimize and improve the industrial structure, increase product competitiveness and added value, so as to adapt to the new industry competition.

China’s furniture and hardware industry has huge consumption potential
It took more than 20 years for China’s furniture hardware industry to develop from handmade to large-scale production. China has become a big manufacturing and consumption country, and China’s furniture hardware products have more and more development space in the international market. The furniture and hardware manufacturing industry must learn how to approach the end customers, how to provide them with products, and ensure their own profits, which requires better marketing capabilities, better sales network, lean production and flexible manufacturing capabilities, real-time supply chain operation capabilities, supply chain management, innovative thinking and leadership, better education and training for employees and other new business models.

In terms of manufacturing, the factory must realize automation as much as possible to achieve maximum production efficiency and improve labor productivity.

At present, the market competition is fierce, the product homogeneity is serious, and the labor cost is high. It is the general trend to increase the added value of products and develop from furniture manufacturing to high-end manufacturing. And furniture hardware products will also be upgraded in the direction of intellectualization and humanization. With the deepening of the industrial upgrading process, I believe that China’s furniture and hardware industry will be able to move forward from manufacturing in China to high-end manufacturing industry created in China.