Multi-functional Mechanism Biaode SHB2028H Multi-angle customization available for Sofa headrest Multi-functional hinge/SHB2028H

Multiple-purpose hinge series This item has six levels of adjustment for sofa headrests. It can be used in conjunction with the lift cover to increase the stability and comfort of the sofa headrest.


This product is a patented product developed by our company, made of high quality iron, durable and easy to install.
The product is generally silver in colour, anti-corrosion and rust resistant, good corrosion resistance, strong load-bearing capacity and thickened plates. Through welding, polishing, electroplating and other processes to complete the strong wear-resistant, durable. Can be applied to adjust the sofa backrest, headrest, armrest gear angle so that the sofa headrest has 6 levels of adjustment to make the head more comfortable, can also be used in combination with the sleeve to make the product sofa more three-dimensional, more stable. The size of the product can also be customized to meet your needs, rest assured of the quality, rest assured of the use.

Support for customization

1. Customers offer draft drawings or drawings and decide on the necessary raw materials.
2. Our team provided the customer with a distinct, resolution of conflicts.
3. Development of the mold after confirming with customer
4. Sample manufacturing and testing for client confirmation
5. Check packing methods and samples to complete customization.

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