Lifting headrest Biaode SHA2004B Combinable sleeves and sofa headrests are both offered. Durable Headrest lifter/SHA2004B

Gear iron support, plastic sleeve, and nut cover make up the three parts of this product from the hardware series. It is a support product for headrests that acts on the headrest of couches and seats and has a number of adjustment settings. This hardware component serves a useful purpose.


Headrest Lifter/SHA2004B is the name of the patented product that our firm developed.
Typically made of iron, this item has a good silver-white color, a smooth surface that resists rust, is sturdy and wear-resistant, and is both functional and long-lasting.It is a combination of welded and spliced products. To fulfill different purposes, the product can be customized based on the requirements of the customer. The internal components of the couch headrest play a key role in the product's ability to lift smoothly, have a gear to adjust the headrest's height, and provide a pleasant experience in terms of comfort and look.
Support individualization.A team of qualified designers that work for our organization are able to provide services for product customization. We are confident in our ability to offer tailored solutions that successfully and effectively accomplish any of our clients' goals because of our considerable expertise working with a diverse variety of clients.
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