Functional storage rack for a tea table with Lift Drop Mechanism Biaode SHB2053-660mm New Durable Model Lift Drop Mechanism/SHB2053-660mm

This product is used for storage, multi-functional lift shelf for coffee table, and the random switching of coffee table workbench can maximize the space utilization. Pressed material is used for seamless automatic welding, using springs and pneumatics. The factory automatic powder coating workshop can carry out back powder coating and coloring, and a variety of customization services are also available.

Product details

①The quality is guaranteed. High-quality cold-rolled steel plate, with great density performance and good stability, was used to make this product.Use spring pad to make lifting and lowering more smooth. Electrophoresis process is carried out on the surface of the product to achieve the purpose of rust-proof and durable.
②The best sense of product use. Hydraulic silent, the product has strong load-bearing, easy to open and close, to ensure that in the process of use, no effort. Increase the spring pad, so that the lift more smoothly, to ensure a smooth speed without the impact of noise, in making the living room space use more flexible and versatile at the same time to enhance the sense of product use. In the process of use, it is easy to install and can be assembled flexibly. Can be folded and contracted to save packaging space and facilitate storage.
③Strength factory support customization. You are welcome to contact our customer service. Our company's corporate culture includes the spirit of innovation, our team keeps up with the times, constantly develops new products and has a large number of patented products, plus we have a wealth of experience in custom cooperation, so we are confident to provide custom services to the satisfaction of our customers.We have qualified engineers and experienced designers to support the processing of a range of customized styles.Can also support a variety of styles of processing customization, quality specifications are complete and trustworthy.

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