Cast-die sofa leg Biaode SHD6003 is a vibrant sofa option.

Factory Direct Selling Sofa Accessories Modern Style Metal Sofa Legs Measuring 5.7"by4.3"by6.8"

Product details

Modern Design: Your sofa chair now has a fresh look and a feeling of style thanks to modern design glossy gold metal furniture legs. Changing the style or height of your sofa is simple.

· Heavy-Duty Material: The iron couch legs are manufactured of high hardness for strength and longevity. There is a rubber cushion at the base of each table leg that helps to dampen noise while moving furniture and protects your furniture and floors from harm.

· Risers for sofa legs allow everyone to easily raise the height of your sofa to meet your needs.

· Product Dimensions: 5.7"/144.78mm * 4.3"/109.22mm*6.8"/172.72mm(L*W*H),Our metal Furniture legs perfect for the sofa, and the cabinet, table, couch, chairs, bed, TV stand, love seats, bed, desk, ottomans, cupboards, dresser, shelves, bookcase, or other home DIY furniture.



[Color Selection] We have our own automatic powder coating workshop and can produce different colors and different surface processes according to your requirements. We support customization of different base colors. We can do polishing, chrome, painting, brushing and many other processes.
[Personalization] We have a team of professional designers who are able to provide product customization services.Due to our extensive experience dealing with a wide range of clients, we are confident in our ability to provide specialized solutions that successfully and effectively accomplish any of our clients' goals.We focus on customer satisfaction and provide a service of quick reply within 24 hours. If you have questions with our couch legs, contact us at any time.

[Save Money]If your chair base or wheels is broken or damaged or bended, our aluminum leg with wheels is the best solution instead of buy a new whole chair costly.